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About Us

The company was established in 2002. As a starting Fresno fence company at that time, our goal was to be the best in the city. It was challenging at first because of the tight competition. But as we went on in this business, we were able to discover our strengths and capitalize on it to serve the property owners in Fresno better.

Over the years, we were able to create good relationships with our clients because of our superb products and services. Slowly, we became a household name in Fresno, because of our products. We were able to grow our connections through our satisfied patrons and most of them have recommended us to numerous new clients; who eventually became loyal to us. True enough, the power is indeed in the word of mouth.

Eventually, we became a trusted fence installation company in Fresno. We are where we are, because of the trust and confidence that our clients put on us, which we treasure. It is our goal to keep impressing those who believe in us, so we continuously work to be the best. Our quality control is more in-depth now than it ever was. Along with that, we continue to improve our processes so we can be more efficient with our services. And because the world is dynamic, we work on unceasingly upgrading our products to ensure that they remain to be top-notch.

It’s also our mission to give the clients the value for their money. We believe that they deserve to get the kind of quality that they paid for. We also believe that every property must have reliable and dependable fences which can keep them safe. At The Fresno Fence Company, our fences are intended to safeguard and protect while it’s also vital that our products last a long time. These are big investments that didn’t happen in an instant. It takes up a lot of time, effort and money. To give justice to that, we ensure that our fences can live up to expectations.

We also put top priority in taking care of our employees. These people work hard for the company, they make the sales, and deliver the services; without them the company would not be where it is right now. They also represent our company in front of the clients wherein they face every complaint and query which they handle with grace. To be able to sustain excellent job performance, it’s imperative to care for them in all aspects. We also make sure that they grow together with the company through enriching seminars and training.

To consistently remain at the top of our game, we make sure to invest in continuously developing our products. As a known Fresno fencing contractor, we acknowledge that we should remain competitive and never be complacent. Besides, property owners only deserve the best. We pledge to continuously ensure that we deliver no less than the finest.

If you are interested, we are offering free estimates. For more inquiries, call us at 559-719-6557.