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The company was established in 2002. As a starting Fresno fence company at that time, our goal was to be the best in the city. It was challenging at first because of the tight competition. But as we went on in this business, we were able to discover our strengths and capitalize on it to serve the property owners in Fresno better.

Over the years, we were able to create good relationships with our clients because of our superb products and services. Slowly, we became a household name in Fresno, because of our products. We were able to grow our connections through our satisfied patrons and most of them have recommended us to numerous new clients; who eventually became loyal to us. True enough, the power is indeed in the word of mouth.


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We are a one-stop shop for all your fencing needs. If you are looking into getting fences for your homes, businesses, or wherever, we got you. The Fresno Fence Company has a wide range of products and services that you can choose from. Listed below are all that we offer:

  • Chain Link Fence Installation
  • Vinyl Fence Installation
  • Simtek Fence Installation
  • Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation
  • Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation
  • Cedar Wood Fence Installation
  • Cages & Enclosures Installation
  • Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation
  • Guard rails Installation
  • Dog Kennels Installation
  • Gate Operators Installation
  • Dock Parts Installation
  • Tennis Courts Fence Installation
  • Dumpster Enclosures Installation
  • Back Stops Installation
  • Temporary Fence Installation

With these numerous offerings we sure have something that will fit your requirement. Whether you’re looking for durability, affordability, beauty, or all of it in one, we have something for you. To inquire, all you have to do is call us at 559-719-6557.

As a trusted fence company in Fresno, we can guarantee on the quality of our products. It is our mission to give you the value for your money and your utmost satisfaction because that is what you deserve. Aside from that, we know that fences are crucial part of your properties. We understand how much you depend on it in ensuring that you are safe and secured within these barricades. Our fences can never be a disappointment because its fall can cost security, money, or livelihood. And we don’t want that to happen.

A fence is a major investment and we want it to be worth it for you. Because of the long and tedious process that it takes to put up fences, it should be able to last a good amount of time without needing replacement nor needing maintenance work. Otherwise, it will only be waste of money and time. This is the reason why we see to it that our products are of superb quality.

If you find yourself having difficulty in finding the right one that fits your taste, we offer customization services. We offer different materials, a huge option for color swatches, various designs, and personalized sizes. As a fence contractor in Fresno for 18 years, we understand that it’s challenging to fit ready made products into the properties, most especially fences. Of course, the size and dimension are unquestionable. It always has to be made to fit since properties are all in different shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, we also know that it’s hard to make do of standard colors and designs, particularly if you have a unique taste and theme. To serve you better in customizing your fences, we see to it to employ the best craftsmen in Fresno. They can help you design your own that suits your style. Aside from their innate talent, the team is very creative, and you can expect valuable input about the design that you want.

Meanwhile, the materials to be used for a specific fence depends on the purpose. Fences which need to be heavy-duty should also use robust material such as steel and aluminum. For those who require complete privacy, you should opt for Cedar wood fence or vinyl fence. However, if you are looking for stylish and sleek fences, the ornamental and Simtek fences may be the perfect match for you. Our list of materials can definitely go on, but we don’t want to bore you. Instead, you can call us at 559-719-6557.

We also take care of the installation work. As fence builders in Fresno since 2002, we want to see to it that you get to enjoy our products and services right away. In the years of our service, we realized that it’s difficult to entrust the installation of fences with other contractors. Working with another contractor causes unwanted delays and conflicts which are avoidable. While it benefits us to do the work solely, it also makes the life of property owners better. They get to evade having to coordinate with different contractors which can really be a hassle. Aside from that, doing the installation on our own can ensure that the fences won’t incur damage and that they are at their absolute best upon installation.

Even when our materials are of superb quality, damages are inevitable since it is always exposed to weather and other factors. For our clients who need repairs, we service all around Fresno. Depending on the severity of the damage and the work needed, we may charge a minimal amount. However, if the repairs are minor, we can waive the fee for you.

Over the years, we have improved our processes to minimize our carbon footprint. Manufacturing of fences uses up a lot of resources, including materials and energy which contributes in the worsening of the environment’s condition. As a socially responsible fencing company in Fresno, we made sure to employ earth friendly machines and to use recycled materials as much as we can.

If your topmost concern is price, well we have all kinds of products; from the most extravagant to the simplest. Therefore, our price range is quite wide, but we can assure that it is very competitive in the market. To make sure that we get to provide service to as much clients that we can, we have different paying methods that you can choose from. Aside from paying in cash, you can also pay using your credit card or your debit card. You can also avail of our installment paying method spread through a period of 6 months or 12 months.

As an established Fresno fence company, we can guarantee you of our products. Our years of experience have taught us valuable lessons that we use to keep on improving our products. All of our fences and other products go through intense quality check to ensure that all are according to standards. It is our mission to always supply property owners with nothing less than they deserve.

If you are interested, we offer free quotes. You can call us at 559-719-6557.


Yes, our estimates our absolutely free. To avail of this, you can choose between filling out the form here on our site or you can call us at 559-719-6557. We can assure that our estimates are accurate because we see to it to get correct measurements. Alongside, we carefully make our computations to ensure that the results are error free. However, please allow slight discrepancies with the actual cost because of some unanticipated factors that may affect the production and installation of the fences. We have a unique assessing process to guarantee the safety of our estimates. We request to provide accurate information for a smooth process.

The exact time frame relies on different factors, so we cannot say as of now how soon the fences can be installed. The most significant factor that we need to consider is the production time. On average, manufacturing of fences can more or less last up to 5 weeks. But depending on the type, design, and materials of the fence, it may either take longer or shorter than the aforementioned time frame. We seek your patience since we take our time in making sure that our products meet our standards. After production, the installation may be scheduled in 1 to 2 weeks.

Typically, on an ideal setting, fence installation takes up about a week. But the actual working days are only about 2 to 3 days of the 7 days. The rest of the days are intended for cement curing time. So, there are days when the construction team may be off site. However, that 1 week is not fixed across for everyone since delays such as bad weather and holidays may happen. In case your installation schedule encounter any of these, we might suspend the work. Also be prepared that the duration might extend up to 2 to 3 weeks depending on the circumstance.

We can surely do that for you. As a one-stop shop for all fencing needs we want to be able to provide you with all the services that is essential for the installation of your fences. We understand that doing the paper works can be bothersome especially to those with pre-occupied schedules. In our years of experience, we also encountered countless delays due to the lack of fence permit. To avoid it from happening, we took the initiative of doing the work. However, we cannot do it alone, we still need your assistance. We need you to provide us with the following:

  • Neighbor’s signature forms
  • Signature notarization
  • Neighborhood association approval
  • Mortgage survey

We offer a wide variety of materials at your disposal. Listed below are the fencing materials and types of fences that we offer.

  • Vinyl fences
  • Backstop fences
  • Simtek fences
  • Ornamental aluminum and steel fences
  • Wooden fences
  • Chain link fences

We want to be able to cater to every need by making sure that we have a lot of choices. We understand that different property owners have diverse needs which mean they need different materials to use. If you ever feel confused about which type or which material will work best for you, do not hesitate to call and consult with us.

It depends on where you live. Oftentimes, legal restrictions are implemented on a local level. We urge our clients to consult with authorities and homeowner’s association to make sure complete compliance with the law. If it is available, try to ask for a handbook as reference for a more detailed guide. Aside from that, nonconformity to the legal restrictions frequently result in delays. Because we want to avoid it from happening, we see to it to follow the rules. Normally, legal restrictions include design, material, and height of the fences. For other locations, they require permits prior to digging and construction.

Not necessarily but we encourage our clients to do so. Consulting with the neighbors is beneficial for both parties because they get a chance to talk about it. Some neighbors even collaborate with their neighbors and give contribution on the expenses. However, if your neighbor decides not to participate, they will still surely appreciate the courtesy that you showed him. Aside from that, they will also get to prepare themselves for the nuisance that the fence installation may cause them.  This way, you get to avoid conflict between you and your neighbors. After all, it’s hard to live next door with someone that you’re in conflict with.

It depends. To be able to determine the depth of the fence posts, you will have to identify the height of the fences first. Average size fences require fence posts which are about 3 to 4 feet deep. Meanwhile, shorter fences will need shallower fence posts. The fence posts help in maintaining the stability of the fences. It secures the fence in its place and makes sure that it’s steady. The fence posts also need concrete to keep it locked. So, make sure to leave an allowance when digging holes for fence posts. However, we can assure you that our team can take charge of the technicalities of the fence posts.

Fences should not touch the ground. Since the ground contains moisture, contact between the two may facilitate transfer of moisture on to the fence. Moisture can be detrimental for the fence especially if it’s made of metal. It can damage the fence completely in the long run and might need repair or replacement. To avoid it from happening, maintain some ground clearance to protect your fence. Meanwhile, you do not need to worry about fences which are designed to touch the ground. Because of its design, it can withstand moisture without getting damaged so you can keep it as it is.

Yes, it does delay the fence installation. As much as possible, we try to avoid installing fences when the temperature is either too high or too low, as well as when there’s high humidity and heavy rain. Circumstances such as these may affect our materials, and may either cause it to contract or swell. Aside from that, it may also result to failure of the setting of concrete. Besides, it’s also challenging for our team to work in these conditions without being at risk or compromising the quality of work. To avoid unfavorable results, we refuse to work under abnormal conditions, and we reschedule instead.

It depends on the purpose that your fence needs to serve. Should it be heavy duty? Should it be decorative? Should it be sturdy and stable? There is certainly a suitable material for every need and type of fence. Our most preferred materials include vinyl, wood, aluminum, and steel. For those who seek for the most robust materials, we have the metal materials to offer. Vinyl, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want complete privacy. Meanwhile, for property owners who want an unobstructed view, they can go for chain link fences. Finally, if you want a sophisticated look, wood materials will surely do the job.

The height of your fences depends on your preference and the privacy that you desire. For those who want to be completely hidden behind their fences, tall fences should work for you. We can guarantee that our tall fences can provide you with top-notch safety, security, and privacy you desire. Tall fences are normally 7 to 10 feet high. At the same time, if your fences are only intended to serve as an ornament or to keep children within the vicinity, we can recommend shorter fences. Aside from being more affordable for using less materials, it will also allow your property to remain visible.

The fence will last for at least 10 years, but it varies from one fence to the other. There are numerous factors that affect fences including the type and the kind of material used. Some materials, such as chain link and vinyl, can last a long with minimum care and maintenance. Meanwhile wood, needs proper treatment prior to installation to ensure it lasts a long time. It will also need consistent annual maintenance to ensure that it remains to be in tip top condition. But here in The Fresno Fence Company, we can guarantee the quality and longevity of our products.