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Property owners have this false notion that nice-looking fences costs a fortune. Because of this concept, owners who are conscious about the look of their estates are apprehensive about getting fences despite of their compromised security. So as a fencing company in Fresno, we want to disprove this idea. We want property owners to know that they can get beautiful and durable fences in an affordable price. So, we’re introducing the Simtek fences.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this type, well it’s completely understandable. This material was only recently introduced into the market. Simtek fences became easily popular because of its price, look, and durability. You may be wondering how a very promising product can be very inexpensive. Well, it is because its primary material is plastic. Surprising, right? It is low-cost because of this key material but it remains to be durable because of the galvanized steel within which reinforces the fence. It’s a new product that is a result of the many years of research and study. Simtek fences can endure different weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Property owners rave about its look because of its customizable texture. You have the choice to choose among Simtek Ecostone style, Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, and Simtek Ecostone privacy fence. Aside from that, it comes in different chic colors which can match your property. Frequently, our clients request for white, brown, red, and beige. However, we still have countless color choices left if none of these top picks suits your taste.

Simtek fences—also called Allegheny Fence and Sherwood Fence—are very affordable. The average installation price is $2500, wherein price ranges from $1800 to $4500. This cost is inclusive of both the materials, which may cost about $5 to $25, and installation, which is $15 to $25.

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