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Living beside major roads can be convenient because of the better accessibility to a lot of needs. That’s why it is noticeable how properties near roads have higher value than those which are farther. However, living beside highways can bring fear as well. These places are very prone to accidents since cars tend to cruise at high speed. During unfavorable weather conditions, such as strong rains and snowstorms, the chances of accidents even double. If you are living beside the roads, you might be in an unending worry about the safety of your property. Constantly fretting will not get you anywhere. Instead, we strongly suggest installing guard rails for your properties.

Guard rails come in three different types. 

  • Three-strand Cable

Perfect for properties which need minimum protection. If your property is located in an area where roads are not as busy, this can certainly work for you. Because of its basic abilities, it is the most affordable of all.

This type can provide better protection as compared to the former. It can stop speeding cars and prevent it from crashing into your property. However, it requires regular maintenance since wood is prone to damage. In case of an accident, this type may incur too much damage and make it irreparable.

If you are living beside freeways and other major highways, we highly recommend this type of guard rail. Because of the strength of steel, it can provide the best protection against fast-moving vehicles. It can ensure the utmost safety of your property and of your family.

Depending on your location, there is a specific guard rail that will match your property. As an established fence contractor in Fresno, we can definitely guarantee the quality of our products. Rest assured the you can depend on it for your protection.

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