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Due to evolution, more and more sicknesses are emerging as years pass by. Most of the time, illnesses can develop from unhygienic practices. To stay healthy and to steer clear from sickness, it is vital to remain sanitary. Dumpster enclosures are helpful in maintaining the cleanliness in your property. Instead of just the plain dumpster, there is an additional protection to it. We, The Fresno Fence Company, can provide you with the best dumpster enclosures that you can depend on.

Aside from the functional purpose, a dumpster enclosure can also add to the overall look of your property. Since it conceals your dumpster, it somehow enhances the façade. For a better look, you can choose among the different materials available that will best complement your property and cater to your need.

  • Vinyl Dumpster Enclosures

If you want to completely hide your dumpster, this material can certainly do the job for you. It leaves no gap for pests to enter, so you can be sure that your dumpster remains sanitary and pest free. The only drawback to this, is that forceful impact might quickly damage it.

If you are looking for a simple dumpster, then this is perfect for you. Although you can still see the dumpster through it, a chain link dumpster can keep away pests from infesting your dumpster.

  • Wooden Dumpster Enclosures

It can completely conceal your dumpster from sight while looking very elegant. But the problem to this material is that it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is safe from termites.

  • Brick Dumpster Enclosures

This type can fully cover your dumpster, so you are secured that it is nowhere in sight. It is also very low maintenance and can last a long time.

To ensure the longevity of your dumpster enclosures, it is best to put hinges, posts, and gates on it.

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