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For property owners who prefer the utmost privacy, you do not need to compromise on the look of your fences. You can have fences which are both functional and fancy at the same time. With this you do not need to bother about the look of your property nor about the prying eyes. You can quietly enjoy the yard to yourselves.

Cedar fences come in two different types: The Shadowboxing type and the Standard Privacy Type. Each has their own characteristics which can suit you depending on what you need.

The Standard Privacy Type provides the better privacy between the two types. This leaves no gap in between the wood planks, so we can ensure that you are well-concealed in your property. In this type, the planks are fixed together on the sides while facing only a single direction. Meanwhile, for the Shadowboxing type, the woods are joined together, on the sides as well, but facing alternating directions. With this one, there are gaps in between the planks which are fairly minimal. However, if you prefer total privacy, this may not be the right match for you.

Many property owners are fond of wood materials because of its visual appeal. However, they are apprehensive to get one because of the amount of maintenance it requires. But with this Cedar wood fence we made sure to treat it with the right chemicals to assure that it will last long. In fact, this type of fence is very durable and can last for at least 10 years.

But since well know that, by nature, wood is prone to mites, it will still need to receive regular maintenance work to make sure that it is free from any infestation. As an all-inclusive company, we, The Fresno Fence Company, are happy to take care of scheduling maintenance check for your fences.

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