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Since baseball is a fan magnet, it’s important to make sure that the sport remains safe for spectators. With massive crowds, it may be impossible to look after each one but with the help of back stop fences, we can better ensure the safety of everyone.

Aside from being a tool in providing protection, it can also help contain the ball within the field. Some baseball fields are located near residential areas where ball often end up in another’s yard causing an annoyance. On very unfortunate events, flying baseballs might even cause damage on another’s possessions such as property or even vehicle. With back stops in place, you can avoid this from happening.

To ensure that the fence gets to contain the ball within the fences, the back stop has a curved part on the top. The reason for this design is to prevent the ball from flying over the fence. In this way, you do not need sky high fences just to keep up with the ball.

There are three backstop fences that you need in a field. These are:

  • Outfield Fence
  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench
  • Protective Fence for Spectators
  • Backstop Fencing

Each one of these has a specific job protecting the crowd, the players, and others. We strongly suggest getting all four for maximum protection.

You might be wondering how we can place protective fences in front of the spectators and not block the view of the audience. Well, we are using chain link material for our back stops. This type provides an open sightline where fans can still enjoy the game fully despite the back stop fences. However, if you are not inclined to chain link, we, The Fresno Fence Company, also have another option which is the vinyl coated fabric. Colors are also customizable to preference.

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